Straitoplane Machine is the replacement parts mecca for pre-1999 Oliver owners and enthusiasts alike.  In addition to being able to supply nearly any part dating back to 1907 with the help of original drawings, documentation, and patterns, Straitoplane Machine is also equipped to offer both off-site and on-location services to customers across the globe.  Some of the services available at Straitoplane Machine include:

  • Bandsaw tire installation & crowning
  • On-location sharpening services for ITCH heads
  • On-location repairs
    • Cutterhead bearing replacement
    • Feed chain replacement
    • Bed line adjustments
    • Other repairs ranging from minor issues to major problems
  • Troubleshooting machine issues
  • Troubleshooting product quality issues
  • Off-site machine reconditioning and repairs
    • Ranging from minor reconditioning to completely stripping down to the frame and replacing/repairing any component if needed
  • On-location machinery installation
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In addition to Oliver machines, the team has experience with servicing and repairing over 150 brands of woodworking machinery. For a quote for service, installation, or repair of any brand of woodworking machinery, please reach out to or call 616-997-2211.

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